Safe and Secured!

Zinoko is a safe and secured Internet Browser designed for Children of all ages.
The Parent is in control of the websites that the child is allowed to visit, this is achieved by our Online Management Tool and can also be executed locally in the Zinoko Browser.

Zinoko Browser comes with a fully encrypted database so all information stored by the browser is protected.
The Information stored is non personal and we do not hold any details of parents or children without your knowledge.

Computer Safety.
As a Parent we understand that the files stored on your computer are important to you and we also understand that you do not want your children having accessing to these file in case "something" happened.
Zinoko was designed to restrict access to the Microsoft Windows Operating System while only providing access to Zinoko.

By doing this, children cannot access your files, programs or unsecured internet browsers on your computer and you can rest assured that your files and programs are as you left them.

Zinoko also provide additional security by restricting access to the Options menu and the Exit button by using an Administrator Password that you set when installing Zinoko.

You can change this password at any moment from your online management account.
By using this method, Children are unable to change settings in Zinoko and they are unable to exit from Zinoko in to the Windows Operating System until you enter your Administrator Password.

Please note, Zinoko does not allow File Downloads from any Internet Website.

Online Parent Center.
Take control of Zinoko by using the Online Parent Center.
View online Analysis of your Childs progress while they use Zinoko, see all the websites that they have visited and all buttons they have clicked on while using Zinoko.

Add additional websites to your Zinoko Account from the Online Parent Center and download them straight to the Zinoko browser without disturbing your childrens usage.

Login Now to the Parent Center.
Fully Configurable.
As a Parent you need to be in control of what your children are doing and especially online.

Zinoko will allow you to configure options within the program to stop unwanted pop-up windows from appearing.

You can add and remove websites locally in the browser and your online account is updated.

As outlined above, you can create an Administrator Password locally or online and it will restrict access to the options in Zinoko and it will restrict the child from accessing Microsoft Windows after Zinoko is closed down.

You can activate monitoring to view the websites that your child has visited outside of the website list you set. All websites have links to other websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc, but Zinoko monitors the links your children are clicking on and records all links visited.
In addition to this, Zinoko will also alert the child when a new window has attempt to open and it will be automatically blocked.

When you activate the monitoring tool a list of visited websites are stored on your online account and we use this infomation to create analysis of what sites your child has visited.

Fun and Easy to Use!
Zinoko is Fun and Easy to use.
We designed Zinoko to act like a normal web browser but to be safer and more secure.
Zinoko comes pre-loaded with a list of authorised child friendly websites that are safe and fun to use such as Disney, Nick Jnr,BBC Cbeebies, but Zinoko is fun to use for all age groups up to teenagers.

The Browser has been designed to be Easy to Navigate while keeping the Parents in control at all times.
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